1. What I found, that worked for me was someone that didn’t have a cookie cutter approach to hitting. He took the tools I had and worked at creating more bat speed and then approached the mechanics of baseball hitting. Studying videos of major league baseball players ( in slow motion ) and realizing that everybody has there own way of hitting. But one thing for sure, at point of contact they all seem to be equal. Its getting to that point , that doesn’t have to be “cookie cutter” . Working on a movement and almost a slingshot approach creates bad speed and baseballs traveling with great distance.

  2. As far as what I am looking for in a hitting coach is someone to teach my son the ability to see the baseball. He has played since he was 8 (he now 14 & a freshman), 150+ games a year. He has great bat speed, but as pitching gets faster he has (what I would call it) started guessing.
    I have had him with several different coaches, they all work on drills of some sorts, and he does hit well as long as he gets a fast ball. You could say he has “trouble with the curve”. Any ideas on what I should look for?

    • Ken: My question is this: What does “great bat speed” mean to you? Is it a number? Is it something you see? I try to put numbers on as much as possible for players to know where they stand and to give them goals to strive for.

      Does he get “fooled” a lot on off speed? Where do the majority of his hits on fastballs go (pull or oppo)? When he is hitting off of the tee or on front toss, where are the majority of his hits (where do the balls tend to go)?

      If you could give me a bit of feedback I may be able to give you a better idea.

      I appreciate your response and look forward to seeing what you say.

      • He is 5′ 1″ at 99 lbs. Bat speed, when he makes perfect contact with a bbcor bat, the ball goes 260 to 270ft and those hits are middle center or center.
        Most his hits go to center left field or foul left. He struggles to hit anything opposite field hard. He bats right. If a pitcher is throwing hard 75 80 miles an hour and the pitch is on the outside of the plate he can hit that opposite field hard he just never will let a slow pitch travel.
        When hitting off of the tee he can hit the ball anywhere he wants hard as long as the ball is placed in the proper spot, if you put the ball on the outside of the plate straight out between his feet he can hit it opposite the field, if you put it up in front on the inside corner he can hit that to left field.
        His swing right now is, he points the knob at the catcher, takes the knob past the ball, then flips the barrel to the ball, contact is palm up palm down. Elbow, knob, barrel. All three straight to the ball.
        Sorry I took so long getting back, I was trying to get ball exit speed off a tee but as far can not.

        • Ken-

          If you get his exit velo, let me know.

          Just by your description, I would say your son’s hands lead his hips, which is causing him not to be able to make adjustments to off speed and to not drive balls to opposite field.

          As soon as your hands begin to move forward, you have committed to the pitch. If your hands commit before your hips start, it is impossible to make an adjustment on any off speed pitch.

          Does any of that make sense and does that seem like it may be his issue?


  3. Trevor: There are definitely “natural” things that need to happen in every person’s swing to be successful. The body definitely knows how to swing the bat…the goal of any good coach is to bring that natural swing out.