1. Tad, Caleb had a verbal agreement with wright state university for 95% his junior year. He suffered a knee injury playing basketball his junior year. Wright was very supportive but as the time got closer to signing they started to back down a little. They originally wanted him as a two way player and now only want him to pitch. Caleb loves baseball and wants to play all the time but as a pitcher he would not.he aspires to play pro ball as a hitter/third baseman. We regretfully declined their offer the last minute because of this. How realistic is it to hope to find a school to play first or third yet this year? He graduates 2015

    • Thanks for the comment.

      It is VERY common for a college program to tell a kid they can come in and compete as both a pitcher and a position player. However, once they get to a program, UNLESS they are a 2 way star, they typically will push the kid into where he will be most effective at that level.

      Being a 2-way player in college is MUCH more difficult than most people realize. They have to either split up their time OR they just get very little work at one of the 2 positions.

      My question would be why didn’t Wright State want him as a position player?

      Believe me, I get he wants to be a position player, but at some point, you guys have to honestly assess your situation and see where he is a better fit LONG term because at some point he may have to make the decision of either hanging it up OR become a pitcher only.

      I hope all of that makes sense. Obviously I have 0 knowledge of Caleb’s talent at either position…I just have seen this same scenario played out plenty of times.

      To answer your question, there is still going to be money left for position players after the early signing period for a lot of schools. The longer the process goes on, the harder finding money is going to be for a position guy. However, there will be much more money left for a pitcher.