1. Dear sir,
    I’m a Senior in High School and I truly believe I’m a D1 Baseball Player, I really appreciate your video and I am going to keep trying hard to get into a D1 College. I’m 5’10” and waiting about 170 to 175, I really love the game of baseball, so if there’s any way you can help guide me through my final year in High School, I gladly appreciate it. Thank you, CJ Vaughn

    • CJ-

      I’m glad you enjoyed the video. Please let me know if I can do anything to help you along your journey.

      Keep working hard and don’t give up!

      Best of luck!


  2. Is registration with the “NCAA Eligibility Center” website really necessary (or helpful) when trying to get into a Div1 or Div2 school?

    • Mike-

      Great question. Unfortunately, it is mandatory to play at an NCAA school. Before you can go on an official visit, you must have completed this step. Doesn’t make much sense that the NCAA requires student-athletes to PAY to be recruited, but it is what happens…

      Let me know if you have any other questions.